Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner

November 12, 2019 3 min read

For those who hate housecleaning, choosing the right vacuum is essential. With so many styles of vacuum cleaners on the market, selecting the right one for your job can be very complicated. With many options and features choosing the right vacuum cleaner can be very confusing and time-consuming. This article will help you understand how vacuum cleaners work and how to find the right vacuum cleaner.

6 Different types of Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Vacuums:

Upright vacuums have been on the market a long time and are the most familiar type of vacuum. It has powerful suction that makes it the best choice for deep-cleaning carpets. If you have lots of carpets choosing an upright vacuum cleaner is a safe decision. Moreover, upright vacuums are easy to store because they stand up on their own.



  • The best upright vacuum performers tend to be very heavy
  • Upright vacuums are usually making loud noise


Canister Vacuums:

Canister vacuums are also very popular, the vacuum is fitted with wheels allowing the user to easily pull it from one area to another. Canister vacuums are usually better than uprights for cleaning bare floors, stairs and under furniture especially with its handy attachments for cleaning.


  • They are usually bulkier and therefore harder to storage
  • Users have less control over the movements of the vacuum cleaners


Handheld Vacuums:

The handheld vacuums are great for smaller jobs such as cleaning cars, surface cleaning is the handheld vacuum’s specialty. They are very compact and lightweight which makes them easy to carry, in terms of suction power they’re very similar to stick vacuums. It’s also a great supplement if your main vacuum doesn’t have attachments or its hard to pull out the whole vacuum every time.


  • They usually have more impact when it comes up to small spaces
  • They lack the power and size of full-sized stick vacuums

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Easy Car Cleaning

Robotic Vacuums:

Robotic vacuums take care of business while you relax. They are able to squeeze into tough-to-reach spots like under the sofa, and they are a great choice for touch-ups in between cleaning sessions. The newest models can even be controlled by an app.


  • Robot vacuums won’t clean as well as full-sized vacuums
  • They are usually expensive and hard to maintain
Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Easy House Maintenance

Stick Vacuums:

Stick vacuums are usually easy to operate, lightweight and often battery-powered which makes them cordless. They are good at getting into tight spaces and convenient when you need to quickly clean up a mess. Most of the new models have charging base that can be hung and make it easier to store and keep the vacuum stick fully charged all the time.


  • They usually don’t perform as full-sized vacuums.
  • They are mainly used to cleaning little surface and can’t replace a conventional vacuum.
  • Can be expensive compared to corded models.
Stick Vacuum The Best Vacuum Cleaner so Far


Things to consider while shopping

In addition to the different types of vacuum models, there are other things to consider before taking a final decision and purchasing the vacuum cleaner.


Bagged or Bagless?

Bagged vacuums - are usually cheaper models, have higher capacity and tend to hold more dust. However, they require more filters that need periodic cleaning.

Bagless Vacuums - are usually easier to clean and tell when they’re full, empty and reuse them countless times. The replacement filters are more expensive than bagged vacuums but less frequent.


Corded or Cordless?

Corded vacuums- they are usually processed by powerful motors, larger capacity and can be used for any length of time. Moreover, corded vacuums have a lot of changeable tools which makes them very flexible.

Cordless vacuums – they are usually less bulky, easier to carry around and reach corners. They are portable and compact which makes it easier to move to any place and reach places that might be difficult to clean with corded vacuums, and can be easily cleaned.

Choosing corded or cordless is completely on your utility, expected use and financial budget (since cordless vacuums are more expensive).


Low Noise

It is very important to choose a vacuum cleaner that produces low noises for self-comfort (canister vacuums tend to be quieter). However, you need to keep in mind that vacuum will seem louder in a smaller room with a lot of echo.



Whether you are spot cleaning or removing slurry from a wet-mopping procedure, your vacuum is an investment. Therefore, you need to make sure you choose the right vacuum cleaner that fits your needs as described above.

  • It is highly recommended to check the vacuum cleaner in stores before you purchase online.
  • When choosing a vacuum of any type, check to see which additional features are available for your model.
  • Determining whether you should choose a cord-electric or battery-operated vacuum.

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