The Projectors Advantages and Disadvantages

November 25, 2019 4 min read

A projector is a vital piece of electronic equipment which is required for all types of presentations, conferences, seminars, and can be found at almost every office, school and universities. One cannot imagine a presentation without the use of projector. Almost all presentation rooms has projectors installed. Although, a specific projector may not fulfill all your needs, there are some that can be used for both home as well as office use. In this post we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the projectors.

Before we get started, we need to understand the answer to the basic question - what is a projector?

A projector or image projector is an optical device that projects an image (or moving images) onto a surface, commonly a projection screen. Most projectors create an image by shining a light through a small transparent lens, but some newer types of projectors can project the image directly, by using lasers. These days many users of the more inexpensive projectors simply shine the picture on a white wall to save the cost of the screen. Projectors may be used as an alternative to a television or monitor in large gatherings.


Different projector types

Projectors can be roughly divided into three main categories, based on the type of input. Some of the listed projectors were capable of projecting several types of input.

For example: Video projectors were developed for the projection of moving images and they are regularly used for still images presentations.

  • Real-time projectors: Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface based on two original technologies. The first technology is a high-speed projector that can project 8-bit images up to 1,000 fps with 3 ms delay. The second technology is a high-speed non-rigid surface tracking at 1,000 fps. Real-time projectors are perfect for product launches, events and even art installations, it can bring products to life, provide interaction opportunities by dynamically changing and animating models, allow multiple people to observe from multiple perspectives at once.
  • Still images projectors: Still image projector is an opto-mechanical device for showing photographic slides.
  • Moving images projectors: An optical device for projecting motion picture films onto a screen. Most of the optical and mechanical elements, except for the illumination and sound devices, are present in movie cameras. The main elements of a motion-picture projector are the feed mechanism, which moves the films.


Advantages of projectors

  • Large-sized picture:Digital projectors can be used to create extremely large sized images. You can use them to create the very large screen experience of a commercial movie theater in your own home. A projector with large light output can generate image size of up to300" diagonal. The common digital projectors are capable of producing sharp picture as big as 120".
  • Smaller images: If you don’t want large-sized image, or you don’t have enough space a projector can be used to produce smaller sized images of up to 60" diagonal. The use of projector can save a lot of money compared to LCD TV to get a 60" picture on your wall.
  • Space saving:Small projectors can be ceiling mounted or placed on the table and takes up no floor space in the room and when not operating it is largely invisible.
  • Easy to install: The projectors are usually lightweight and can easily be unpacked by one person hook it up and get a picture on the wall with little trouble. Other than ceiling mount projectors that need to know how to install it, a normal projector is easy to setup and can be done without much effort.


Disadvantages of projectors:

  • Dark room required:A projector works best when operated in low light conditions, therefore, a dark room is very often required to use the projector. This can prove disadvantage when the audience need to take down notes or if you are planning a social gatherings around your screen.
  • Maintenance required:Most projectors require more maintenance attention that flat screen and TV. The projector lamp need to be replaced periodically, and the lamps cost is usually very expensive (the usually require replacement every 2 – 3 years depends on the model and usage). Moreover, the projector's filter needs to be cleaned every few months. It is very important to keep the filter cleaned because uncleaned filter can result in lower lamp life or create fuzzy spots on the projected image.
  • Separate speakers required:Most projectors either have no audio of its own or has very little sound that can be used for movie presentation. Therefore, in order to set projectors for home theater, purchasing a separate audio system is required.



Choosing the right projector can be very complicated therefore it is worthwhile to study these before you select a projector that will best match your needs and requirements.

  • Your intended usage needs to be considered before selecting a projector.
  • It is very important to keep the projector clean in order to avoid maintenance problems.
  • Projectors are usually cheaper than regular televisions but the maintenance can cost more.

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