800ml Portable Mini Dehumidifier

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800ml Portable Mini Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber

  • One-button smart start: easy to use, just press the start button to highlight dehumidification, save time and be smarter.
  • High-efficiency dehumidification: The dehumidification capacity is up to 250 ml/day, so that the environment maintains proper humidity, ensuring a comfortable living space and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Quiet work: 35db silent low noise operation, will not affect your work, sleep or study.
  • Applicable scene:800ml large water tank, suitable for 10-20 square meters, such as home, bedroom, bathroom, RV trailer, basement, camper or caravan, baby carriage, garage, etc.
  • Safety and energy saving: water is completely shut down, automatic power off, save energy & save money, no radiation, pregnant women and children can be safely used.


Main 800ml Mini Dehumidifier Features

  1. Purify the air and remove odor: Effectively inhibit the growth of mold in the air and create a healthy green life.
  2. Improve quality: Improve air quality and promote sleep quality.
  3. Air dehumidification: Effectively reduces humidity and ensures a comfortable living space.
  4. Automatic shut-off: Dehumidifier will automatically stop when the water is full. When the ambient humidity is below 60%,temperature below 15 degrees Celsius,the machine will run slowly. When the humidity below 40%,the machine will stop dehumidifying. This is normal .

Mini Dehumidifier Air Dryer Specifications

  1. Weight: 35.7oz
  2. Main materials: ABS
  3. Water Tank Capacity: 800ML(28 oz)
  4. Best working enviroment: 25℃, 85% Relative humidity
  5. Recommended dehumidifier space: 15-20m² 150 sq ft
  6. Recommended environment: Temperature > 15 ℃, Humidity > 40%
  7. Dehumidification capacity: 200 - 300ml/24h ( based on 30℃, 85% Relative humidity)
800ml Portable Mini Dehumidifier Air Absorber Dry Air
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