250ml 3 In 1 Mini USB Humidifier

Portable 250ml 3 In 1 Mini USB Humidifier

Sink capacity: 250ml 

Amount of fog: 30ml/h

Color: Pink/Blue/White 

Material: ABS 

size: 11.5*10.6*9.9 (cm)

Fan power button:The first time you click the function key,the default first natural wind,Second click default second strong wind,Third click default third strong wind 

Spray power button:First click to turn on continuous spray,The second click to turn on the intermittent spray function,Press and hold the button for 1.5 seconds to turn on the night light mode and change the colorful lights. 

Steps:Unscrew the top cover counterclockwise.Add water.Connect USB power.Press the switch to turn on the spray mode,press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the night light. 

Cotton swab installation steps:Loading spring.Put cotton swabs.Connect the cover 

Note:When using the absorbent cotton swab,the cotton swab should be soaked first.When replacing the cotton swab,be careful not to lose the bottom spring,so as not to affect the use. 


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