5Kpa Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

5Kpa Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum Dust Cleaning

  • High-Power Strong Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner: voltage 150W high power handheld vacuum cleaner, absorbs all dirt quickly and easily. The best ideal tool for cleaning dust, sand, ash, pet hair and more. Vacuuming your car has never been easier!
  • Double Noise Reduction:Mini Car Vacuum Multiple noise reduction , low noise Operation, even if the powerful and durable motor, but reducing the noise to 40-45db, and increasing the suction to 5KPa, enjoy quiet cleaning work.
  • Upgraded HEPA Filter & Varying Accessories: The in-car Vacuum Cleaner with upgraded Stainless Steel HEPA metal filter, easy to clean and durable. 360°Rotating CycloneE, separates the air and garbage path, causing the garbage to fall into the dust collection bin, less adsorption to the filter, and always has super suction.
  • Long Cord Design, Whole Car Dust Removal:16.4 FT / 5 M long power cord, Simply plug the power cord of the car vacuum cleaner into the car cigarette lighter, enjoy the Whole Car Dust Removal of the handheld vacuum cleaner. So you don’t worry about the issue of continuation like cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Multi-Purpose Machine for Easy Cleaning Inside the Car:Portable Car Vacuum designed for DC 12V cars or trucks. Equipped with 3 different nozzles, one brush nozzle, one flat nozzle, one nozzle extension hose to meet various cleaning needs. Storage bag, easy to store and carry everything you need, everything is neat and clean.

    Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner Features

    • Simple Life to do Subtraction:powerful vacuum car vacuum cleaner, energy from car cigarette lighter, plug and play, no need to worry about running out of power when cleaning, no need to wait for charging.
    • A clean and tidy car starts with a car vacuum cleaner:Sediment, stones, confetti, hair, leaves, soot, etc. exist in the garbage on the car. Car cleaning is as easy as different cleaning parts with different tips. The portable storage bag stores all the tools and is ready for car cleaning.
    • Upgraded HEPA Metal Filter:Washable, Reusable, Durable.
    •  3 Different Nozzlesto:Long Hose Can be used with the brush mouth to expand the cleaning range and clean the far position of the trunk and other distant places, Brush Nozzle clean the suede or the outlet position, etc. Long Flat Nozzle the strongest suction, cleaning all corners.
    • Auxiliary Connector: Use with long hose or use alone.
    • Adsorption: Dust, Ash, Confetti, Water,or Other Little Small Trash.
    • Machine Cleaning: Dust Compartment One-Button Separation, Dust Bins and Strainers Can Be Washed.
    • Heat Dissipation: There are vents on both sides, and the heat is quickly dissipated.

    Product Specification:
    Product Name: Car Vacuum Cleaner
    Color: Black
    Size:14.57" x 6.7" x 4.72"/ 37 x 17 x 12 (cm)
    Gross Weight: 32.45oz
    Material:ABS silicone, stainless steel, etc.
    Rated input Power: 120 (W)
    Vacuum suction: 5000Pa
    Rope Length: 5 M/ 16.4 Ft
    Filter Material:HEPA Metal Filter

    Package Included:
    1* Car Vacuum Cleaner
    1* Storage Bag
    1* Long Hose
    1*Brush Nozzle
    1*Long Flat Nozzle
    2*Auxiliary Connector

    1. This product can only be used for small garbage, not for cleaning large garbage.
    2. Please keep the dust cup and the steel filter clean after each use.

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