130ml Small Vase Humidifier

130ml Small Vase Humidifier

  • Easy to Supply and Carry: USB powered, you can easily get power from mobile power, USB plug or laptop. 105mm*153mm mini portable size, does not take up too much space.
  • Ultra-Quiet Humidification: this humidifier has almost no noise when work. Ultra-fine mist helps to soften dry skin and help to breathe better during sleep.
  • Waterless Auto Shut-Off:It will auto turn off after 4 hours of use. If you want to continue using it, please press the button again; auto shut down in case of water shortage to ensure safety.
  • 7-Color LED Night Light:Turn on the humidifier and the 7 colors of the lights will automatically cycle to create a romantic atmosphere. The mist function can be used separately when the light is off.
  • Easy to Use: With a sensitive touch switch, you can access mist and LED light in one touch; press again to turn off the light mode; touch the third time to turn off the mist.

130 Small Vase Humidifier, Essential Oil Diffuser

Using Method: 

press first: turn on the led light,color change automatically,mist comming out

press second:turn off the led light ,mist comming out

press third: turn off the mist and light.

Maintenance Instructions: 

Regularly clean cotton swabs and Change cotton swabs, you must add the spring wire with the cotton swabs, because there will no mist come out if without the spring wire.

please clean the atomizer plate with medical alcohol regularly. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Took me a minute to figure out how to put it together but otherwise excellent. Works perfectly. Small but diffusers very well


Good, everything works, delivery by courier to the house.


It's very good as a debugger but a little water comes out when it's inclined but if you can change the colors if you squeeze it the button: 1 multicolor (change), 2 red, 3 green, 4 blue, 5 turn off the led but it works i leave the perfume, 6 goes out of the whole


Very good product Recommend the seller


It looks good, when the oils come i'll try it

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