320ml Easter Egg Humidifier

320ml USB Mini Easter Egg Humidifier

  • Humidifiers are small devices that provide fresh air, beautify and moisten skin, relieve emotions and stress, create a calm and comfortable atmosphere, improve sleep quality and attention, and prevent and relieve cold symptoms.
  • Whispering quiet operations will not interfere with your sleep or work. Safe use during day or night ( no overheating ); It feels cool.
  • Personal bedroom or office use - can be used as a personal humidifier, atomizer, humidifier, air purifier, ionizer fragrance diffuser for soothing fragrance therapy.
  • The comfortable built-in 7 - color led night light creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere. You can set your favorite color.
  • Fashionable and practical design is very suitable for giving gifts. Safety, health and economy, it is time to buy one for yourself and your family or friends.
320ml Mini USB Easter Egg Humidifier Air Purifier
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