Magnetic Table Lamp

The most selling innovative table lamp. Winner of the Red Dot Award!

Enjoy modern vibes in an instant when you decorate your space with this cool, Wood Magnetic Table Lamp. This elegant lamp is both a desk or table lamp as well as a piece of modern art. The stylish, sleek, and innovative lamp enhances and refines any space.

Magnetic Table Lamp - Elegant Home and Desk Decoration

The Wood Magnetic Table Lamp is easy to operate. When you lift the lower magnetic ball, it's attracted to the upper magnetic ball, causing them to balance in mid-air. This magnetic force then turns the lamp on. To turn the lamp off, simply disconnect the two magnetic balls.

Magnet Night Lamp - Perfect Home Decoration and Easy to Use | LiquidDiffuser

The Magnetic Lamp is a manageable size, making it the perfect bedside light or desk lamp. The lightweight, modern design is a perfect statement piece for any home or office, and it comes in a variety of colors; Black, White, Red, or Natural Wood. 

Magnetic Balance Table Lamp - Most Innovative Light Lamp | LiquidDiffuser

Innovative and Modern

The balance lamp is a warm and soft task light that is powered in an innovative fashion. It brings a whimsical and magical vibe to any space it is used in.


Simple yet very unique, use in any space with its USB power cord to provide a fun and interactive lighting option that is sure to be a conversation piece as well.

Simple and Easy to use Design

The Perfect Gift

The Original Heng Balance Lamp can make the perfect gift to kids and adults alike. Treat your loved ones with this enchanting, calming, and interactive piece of art.

Ideal Night Light

The Original Heng Balance Lamp offers you an impressive 360-degree beam angle. Shines at a comfortable 3500K Warm White. This lamp brings mystery and romance, and an amazing experience.

It's as stunning turned off as much as turned on. 

Can be used next to your bedroom as a night lamp


  • Material: Beech Wood or Painted Plastic
  • LED color: Warm white 3500K
  • LED lifetime: 55,000 hours
  • 4 color models:  Silky Red, Sleek Black, Ice White, Fire Wood.
  • Neodymium magnet cores at center
  • Voltage: USB powered, use with an adapter with a maximum of 5V

Lamp Dimensions

The Dimmensions of the magnetic light lamp

Easy to Use

  • Connect the lamp to any USB adapter.
  • Lift the lower magnet to the top magnet to turn on.
  • Separate the magnets to turn off.

How Does The Magnetic Light Lamp Works?

Package Content

  • 1x Magnetic Table Lamp
  • 1x USB Cable (1m - 3ft)
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Liquiddiffuser - Magnetic Ball Balance Lamp

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