400ml Bird Music Air Humidifier

Bird Music Humidifier - Pink / White

The humidifier will produce a cool mist that moisturizes the skin and relieve dryness, help you breathe more smoothly, and make your sleep more peaceful. Choose it, enjoy your healthy and comfortable life!

Relieve Stress

Spa-Like Relaxation

Air Freshener

Home Decoration

Bird Singing Essential Oil Diffuser - Air Humidifier
The humidifier comes with a nature bird sound that helps sleeping problems or create a relaxing nature atmosphere for yoga exercise.

Bird Humidifier


🐦 Fresh and soothing, nature sound lowers your stress level and helps you become more relaxed for sleep

🐦 360° background sound surrounding

🐦 Keep your skin and hair moist

🐦 Reduce snoring

🐦 Prevent influenza


Humidifier With Music

Fixed music, a fusion of piano music and natural bird sounds, with 3-level adjustable background music volume and a 20-minute auto-off setting to help dissolve workplace noise and relieve stress. Moreover, low volume natural background music attributes to quickly fall asleep.

Press the music button for the first time to turn on the background music; press again, lower the volume; press the third time, lower it again; press the fourth time to turn off the music.

Auto-off Setting

with a 400ml standard water tank, the humidifier works at a rate of 36ml/h and automatically shuts down after six hours of continuous spraying.

Breathing Light

Soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere, helping drive away loneliness and darkness.

Humidifier & Ornament

Small size, exquisite design, not only a great humidifier but also a perfect ornament

 Breath The Clean and Fresh Air All Over The Day

Bird Music Humidifier More Features

  • Optional 20 Minutes Bird Music:The air humidifier with adjustable volume bird background music can automatically turn off in 20 minutes. Pressing the music button, beautiful bird sounds blend into soothing piano music will help you relax, stay away from insomnia, and contribute to your baby’s sleep.
  • Auto-Off Setting: The cool mist humidifier will automatically shut down when there is no water or keep working in continuous misting mode for 6 hours.
  • Enough Capacity:The humidifier with a 400ml standard water tank, working at a rate of 36ml/h.
  • LED Breathing Light: Soft breathing light creates a comfortable and pleasant sleeping atmosphere.
  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier:Advanced ultrasonic technology, quiet humidification, will not affect your study, work or rest. Nano-level mist, adding clean and healthy moisture to dry air, help relieve nasal congestion, skin, and eye dryness, and static electricity.


  • Do not exceed the maximum water level when adding water.
  • Make sure the cotton filter is fully soaked before each use.
  • Please use mineral water or clean tap water.
  • Do not use distilled or purified water, do not add essential oil, it will block the atomizer.
Rolling clouds of moisturized, fresh & clean air

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